Podcasting DAA


What you need to know about the Podcasting project

Materials needed

Laptop - 1 per group Windows/Mac/Linux

Programs needed

  • GarageBand (for Mac) 
Audacity (free for Windows/Mac/Linux)
    • If you use Audacity you will also need to download and install the LAME MP3 Encoder (also free)

    • Mr. Cauley will not be teaching people how to use these programs, you must use resources online to teach yourselves - they are easy to use.

Microphones - You need to book one from this website

    • Blue Yeti

    • Yamaha Mixer using the Shure microphone

    • Be sure to speak loudly

Podcasting resources - http://daacauley.webs.com/podcast-resources

Groups Responsibilities (what must be done)

Script - Must be made with a Google Drive and shared with everyone in the group and Mr. Cauley 

    • The script should be bullet points (not word for word)

    • Everyone must participate in the episode


    • An intro

    • To end the show

    • Can be made with GarageBand, Soundation, or another similar site (check out the podcast resource page)


    • All podcasts must have artwork

    • 600 x 600 pixels

    • You can make it using any program (even paper/pencil/colors)

    • I must have have it as a JPG or a PNG

Write up

    • A paragraph describing what the show is about and the talking points

    • Add this to your Google Drive document/Sky Drive document

    • No misspellings period

The Podcast

  • 10-15 minutes long

      • 1 second longer either way and you will lose points

  • Everyone must talk (loudly)

  • Sound quality is good

  • You must not use your last names

  • Edited (adding the jingles, etc.)

  • You should turn in an MP3 file (not a Garageband or Audacity file)

  • You should rehearse and practice your podcast often

What to turn in - One person must turn in the following
  • MP3 of the final edited podcast

  • Artwork for the podcast (must be 600 x 600 pixels)

  • Write up for the podcast (this is different than the script)

  • The script must be shared with me (you do not have to turn it in through Edmodo)

  • A list of everyone in the group

  • The easiest way to turn all this in, is to put it in a folder on your cloud account and make that folder public and turn in the link.

  • You chose and manage your own

  • Moderator - This person moves the show from one topic to another and keeps topics from getting too long

  • Writer - This person/people will write the script and share it with the rest of the group and Mr. Cauley. This person/people will also write the one paragraph writeup for the show

  • Artist - This person/people will create the artwork for the show

  • Jingle maker - This person/people will make the jingle for the show

  • Podcast - Everyone must be in the show.

  • Editor - This person/people will be tasked with putting the show together with the jingle and edit anything that needs to be edited.